Interior Design Services

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Living Spaces Montana

I have to give a HUGE shout out to Kerry Eberhart with Living Spaces Montana on executing the paint color, flooring choice, and an overall color palette for our house. Even being 12-hours away, Kerry walked me through every detail I needed to know and really made this space come to life. If you need any help with this process I highly encourage you to reach out to her

- Ashlind W.

Interior Design Services

Designer for a Day

Perfect if you need a designer's expertise to style a room, assist with a color palette, textures, sizes, furniture placement, window treatments, exterior finishes or the final touches to create a cohesive look.

Designer on Call 

Ideal if you need guidance from a design professional throughout a project. Everything from space planning to the final touches that bring a space to life, we'll work together to create bring your vision to life.

Full-Service Design

A comprehensive approach encompassing all stages of the design process.  A seamless transition from the digital rendering to the physical installation, resulting in a fully realized and visually appealing space. 

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